1.         The Trophy shall be called ‘The Vince & Margaret Horner Trophy’

2.         It will be a perpetual trophy, presented each year as an award to a person within the jurisdiction of the Yorkshire A.S.A.

3.         The award will be presented to a volunteer for outstanding service in support of swimming championships within the Yorkshire A.S.A. and will cover all technical and non-technical Officials who are in any way involved in the running of the Championships.

4.         Selection of the recipient of the award will be by nomination. Nominations to be submitted, in writing, by any member of a club or organisation affiliated to the Association. The closing date for nominations shall be on or before the 30th November.

5.         A panel consisting of, the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association, will consider the nominations received and will select an award winner. Should no nominations be received then the Panel will meet and select the award winner.

6.         The Award will be presented at one of the Association Championships.