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If you have any queries about Speed Swimming contact swimsec@yorkshireswimming.org   or for queries about YSA Championships and Winter Competition contact  championships@yorkshireswimming.org

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The YSA Swimming Committee is the promoter of the YSA County Championships and Winter Competition


Year Championships Details Times Entry Instructions Entry Download File Results
2020 WInter Competition
26/27 Sept @ JCCS, 17/18 Oct @ Ponds Forge
  Details available April 2020    
2020 Championships
1/2 and 8/9 February @ JCCS, 22 Feb Sprints and 23 Feb Teams @ Ponds Forge.
  Details will be available Sept 2019    
2019 WInter Competition
28/29 Sept @ JCCS, 19/20 Oct @ Ponds Forge
  Details available April 2019    
2019 Championships
2/3 and 9/10 February @ JCCS, 23 Feb Sprints and 24 Feb Teams @ Ponds Forge.
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2018 Championships
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